DIY Hydroponics at Home

How to Build a Great DIY Hydroponics Project at Home

Tomatoes Using the Bucket Method of Hydroponics

Hydroponic tomato production is a very common use for hydroponics. Generally, tomatoes are a very high demand product and using hydroponics, they can be produced pretty much year round. I happen to be using a quasi hydroponic system for producing tomatoes which I'll go into on another page of this site. But the Dutch Bucket method of hydroponic tomato produciton seems to be a very easy and inexpensive way to get started. MHPGardener has several videos on Youtube showing how to set it up, where to get the supplies, what to watch out for, etc.  I wouldn't be able to explain it any better than he does, so I'll let him do that through his video. You can subscribe to his channel and watch more of his extremely helpful videos.

As you can see, it is possible to produce a lot of tomatoes at very little cost using this method.

This first video shows how to set up the Dutch Bucket system and the second one is an update on how the system worked.