DIY Hydroponics at Home

How to Build a Great DIY Hydroponics Project at Home


DIY Hydroponics

DIY hydroponics at home is a fun project you may want to do with a child or just for your own enjoyment. Even though there are many commercial and even readymade home systems for hydroponics, there is something very satisfying when you do it yourself.
With all of the information available on YouTube and on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, it’s very easy to find good, reliable information about building a DIY hydroponics system at home. Many home gardeners are experimenting with hydroponics as a way of expanding their ability to grow vegetables for their own use. Hydroponics can be used to grow things faster using less space than is possible with traditional gardening methods. Another advantage is that you have no soil to get your hands dirty and no weeds to pull. 
We know someone in South America who started out growing lettuce in his small backyard, then expanded to sell lettuce to his neighbors and eventually within less than 3 years had expanded and was selling enough lettuce to enable him to buy a brand new Land Rover. So what may start out as a backyard hobby, could potentially become a new source of income for the enterprising entrepreneur.
DIY hydroponics at home can be very easy to set up. Basic supplies that are needed are easily purchased through the internet and may even already be in your garage or storage building.
An easy way to get started is to search on DIY hydroponics on Google or on YouTube. The types and complexities of systems are almost endless. The cost can be as high as hundreds of dollars or as low as $20 or $30. Making a DIY hydroponics system can be done for your backyard or for inside the house, enabling you to garden year round even in cold climates. 
The do-it-yourselfer who is also a gardener will find building and running a DIY hydroponics system at home to be very satisfying. The investment will bring a return in healthy food for you and a system you can use over and over for many years.
If you’re just starting out, keep in mind having easy access to both water and electricity. Both will be necessary for a successful project. Then choose the system that sounds most interesting to you. Some of the most common ones are “nft,” “ebb and flow,” and “drip” systems. Once you try one, you may find that you want to try another and then another. You’ll probably find it somewhat addicting! 
Another thing to remember is to plant things you enjoy eating. Some things are more suited to hydroponics than others. Herbs, lettuce, other salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and flowers are frequently grown. Make it fun and don’t forget to try something you’ve never tried before. Who knows…it might end up being your new favorite edible!
Start small. You can always expand and try new methods later. Most systems can easily be expanded. In addition, experiments are continually being done and new technologies developed especially for those who want to DIY hydroponics at home.